Cotton Choices™ 2: Late Crop Removal & Extended Terms

By selecting Late Crop Removal (LCR) and Extended Terms, your technology fee is waived if your crop is removed due to hail, drought or other adverse conditions or events.

You’ll also receive extended payment terms. The applicable payment date for Cotton Choices™ 2: LCR and technology fees are shown below.

Technology fees

Product Price/hectare Payment date
Bollgard® 3/Roundup Ready® Flex $401 MON1261 Calendar Icon
Bollgard II®/Roundup Ready Flex $401
Bollgard II $332
Roundup Ready Flex $79

You have until 20 January 2017 to swap between LCR and EPR when you select either of these choices on your planting audit/s for eligible fields.


  • Prices exclude GST. If for any reason your crop fails (hail, flood, sand storm, drought, herbicide drift etc) and is removed on or before 20 March 2017, Monsanto will waive 100% of the technology fee on the hectares affected.
    Crop Removal must be reported to Monsanto by no later 21 March 2017.
  • This offer does not apply to Roundup Ready Flex unsprayed cotton refuges over 10% of the Bollgard II area 5% of the Bollgard 3 area or 10% of the Bollgard 3 area if planted after November 1  (as per the trait’s RMP requirements), or to sprayed Roundup Ready Flex, as nominated in the planting audit.