What’s new in 2016/17?

Bollgard® 3/Roundup Ready® Flex has been launched this year at a special introductory price – the same as Bollgard II®/Roundup Ready Flex pricing. With Bollgard 3, growers can plant anytime between 1 August and 31st December and enjoy the additional benefits that Bollgard 3 has to offer through a more flexible Resistance Management Plan.

Bollgard 3 will make growing cotton easier as it allows growers to manage their crop with more flexibility. The addition of a third gene reduces the existing resistance management requirements allowing growers to plant more cotton. Find out more about the benefits of Bollgard 3 and the Bollgard 3 Resistance Management Plan.

Have you completed your Bollgard 3 accreditation?

All growers must complete a Bollgard 3 accreditation before growing Bollgard 3, even if they have previously completed a Bollgard II accreditation. The Bollgard 3 accreditation is a valuable resource to growers and the wider industry in transitioning to a new Resistance Management Plan (RMP) and to help you get the most from this new technology.

To complete your accreditation contact your Technology Service Provider or Monsanto Regional Business Manager.

Key Cotton Choices™ dates for Bollgard 3

If you’re able to take advantage of the additional planting window with Bollgard 3 there are some separate key dates to keep in mind.

Planting after October 31, through until December 31, is possible with the requirement of 10% unsprayed cotton or 5% Pigeon Pea refuge.